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Web application security assessment also known as a website security assessment is a point-in-time security audit of a website (web app) that provides a deep dive analyses identifying any security issues within the web application. A web application security assessment focuses on identifying security issues and vulnerabilities within the web application and the web server configuration.Our web application security assessment service simulates a real-world attack, identifying security issues within your organisations web applications, website and web services such as REST and SOAP API’s. Identified security issues are documented in a severity ordered report with clear recommendation instructions, allowing your organisation to fix and secure identified security issues.


  • Scoping

    Working with you to identify all systems / applications that need testing.

  • Web App Testing

    Completed by our CREST accredited team, this process uses a large range of attack methodologies.

  • Reporting

    Delivering a clear easy to understand severity ordered report, detailing identified issues and associated remediation steps.

  • Debrief

    Further explanation and demonstrations of vulnerabilities / exploits.

  • Re-testing

    Free re-testing is included with all our services, helping your business reduce security risks.

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