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Secure Sockets Layer Certificates, commonly known as SSL Certificates, are a form of digital confirmation generated from a central authority that verifies the legitimacy of websites and web-based services.

They ensure information is securely transferred across the internet using the HTTPS standard, so data cannot be intercepted by hackers.

SSL Certificates are particularly important for websites and online services that process personal data (such as bank card information). GDPR, PCI and Data Protection regulations all work to ensure that personal data is handled responsibly and securely. And a certificate ensures that your website isn't the weak link in keeping data safe.


With minimal regulation of the internet, it can be difficult to know which websites are legitimate and which are not. So in summary, An SSL Certificate is a way of proving that an organisation's website belongs to whom it claims it does.

Websites that lack one are now flagged by modern browsers meaning that users are more aware when they're on a site that lacks certificates. And because of this, some browsers even block these websites, damaging both your web traffic and reputation.

Many browsers will also prevent users from visiting sites when a certificate is outdated, so ensuring your certificates are properly managed is important.

It's easy to see if a website is secured by a certificate. To do this, look in the browser bar. In there you will see the URL starts with https:// and has a padlock icon next to it. In contrast, if unsecured, the web address will just be http:// and there's won't be a padlock.

And because a certificate acts as a proof of identity and the security of data exchange, search engines will promote websites that have them over those that don't. So without one, an organisation's webpages can be significantly dropped down search rankings, reducing online visibility and costing you potential new customers.

There are a variety of certificates available depending on your organisation's profile and the web presence you want to protect. Akita can supply, install and manage your certificate(s), ensuring you're never left unprotected.

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