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OKM creates complex enterprise software, ensuring reliable software integrations, and modernising your legacy system. When you need a system to improve the effectiveness of your business delivery be it customer service, streamlining your processes, or increasing your sales, (using either front-end customer experience or back-end effectiveness) we can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to assist you. We will work alongside you to understand your business needs and processes, to resolve the challenges confronting you, and research the type of software development package that can maximise the results for your business.


  • Start-up & Planning

    Our first step is to collate your information into data packs for analysis and complete the documentation for the procedure and project plan.

  • Design & Layouts

    OKM creates conceptual modelling and initial layouts at this stage.

  • Coding & Development

    Summarize our finding is a Simple and Easy to Understand report to identify and eliminate threats.

  • Publication & Launching

    Our research and development team performs the final assessment tests and then proceeds with the launch of the product.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Once the product is completed and is in use, the OKM team provides quality control through performance monitoring, hot fixes, upgrades and security audits.

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