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Phishing Testing

Over 40% of businesses face cyber threats via email on a daily basis. And over two-thirds of malware attacks enter IT systems through malicious emails - often in ways that are hard to detect by a firewall or anti-virus solution.

When it comes to protecting against threats, the weakest part of any IT security strategy is typically an organisation's users. So how can you see how well prepared your user base is for a potential threat, and who in your organisation is potentially your weak link?

Phishing testing - conducted by our cyber security experts - will help you find out, as well as provide the training to eliminate the risk.

Testing Your Users' Readiness

OKM's phishing testing offers a simulation of a phishing attack, allowing you to test how security conscious your users are.

Testing is run remotely so as not to arouse suspicion. Using one of over 500 specially designed email templates, we'll launch a simulated phishing email attack to your user base.

OKM then tracks where users have engaged with the email either by opening it or clicking links within the email.

After the simulation, we'll produce a report for management and stakeholders showing who in the organisation has failed the test. This may reveal trends or highlight particular departments most at risk

As part of testing, users that have failed will be given access to an online training portal and required to pass a test within 30 days to show they now understand security risks.

One-Off Or Reoccurring Phishing Testing

OKM can operate phishing testing as a one-off service for your organisation. However, to ensure that vigilance remains high to IT security threats, we recommend that phishing testing is taken on as an annual service, undertaken periodically (typically quarterly).

Testing can then be approached as you see fit: the whole organisation, or select specific departments or job functions - the choice is yours.

We can also provide guidance where within your organisation you may want to concentrate efforts, based both on your initial report as well as our wider expertise.

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